Multi-scale Optimisation for Additive Manufacturing of fatigue resistant shock-absorbing MetaMaterials — MOAMMM

Project conducted in the context of FET Open – Novel ideas for radically new technologies; part of the European Innovation Council pilot and also known as EIC Pathfinder

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Symposiums organization

The 15th World Congress on Computational Mechanics & 8th Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM-APCOM 2022), will be held in Yokohama, Japan, July 31 to August 5, 2022. Within the conference, we are organizing  the Symposium:

0501 Computational micromechanical approaches and data-driven methods for lattices and meta-materials


Latest publications

S. Lucarini, M. V. Upadhyay and J. Segurado « FFT based approaches in micromechanics: fundamentals, methods and applications. » Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering (In Press)

M. Haddad, I. Doghri, O. Pierard « Viscoelastic-Viscoplastic polymer composites: development and evaluation of two very dissimilar mean-field homogenization models. » International Journal of Solids and Structures (In Press)

S. Lucarini, L. Cobian, A. Voitus and J. Segurado « An FFT framework for simulating non-local ductile failure in heterogeneous materials. » Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 388 (2022) 11422.

Latest presentation

L. Wu, L. Noels. « A Recurrent Neural Network-based Surrogate Model for History-Dependent Multi-scale Simulations », SimTech Seminar on Model Reduction and Data Techniques for Surrogate Modelling, 4 November 2021, University of Stuttgart, Germany. Check the teaser.

Latest press release

MOAMMM in Formnext Magazin, 20 October 2020, Germany