Developed software

The numerical developments of this project have been incorporated as part of the open source source codes developed and maintained by the project partners. In particular:

CM3 multi-scale resolution

The cm3 laboratory provides efficient algorithms for homogenisation implemented in a parallel setting in the open source finite element code base on Gmsh. In order to have access to the sources (with no guarantee on the support):

The code is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), see exceptions.

FFT homogenization code: FFTMAD

FFTMAD is a software tool developed by IMDEA Materials for computational homogenization based on the Fast Fourier Transform. The software aims to obtain the response of any heterogeneous material, as composites, polycrystals or celular materials, by simulating the behavior of a Representative Volume Element of the microstructure. The code is remarkable more efficient in CPU time and memory allocation than Finite Element homogenization. More information on: