• Develop a data-driven design methodology for mechanical components made of metamaterials and produced by additive manufacturing 
  • Design, 2-scale optimisation and process optimisation of shock-absorption devices
  • Targeted applications
    • Bi-stable metamaterials to improve shock-absorption devices.
    • Regularly organised lattice metamaterials to improve dissipative absorbers.


  • Developing a process-(micro)structure-(structural)properties (PSP) linkage, with
    • Simulation of the manufacturing process
    • Prediction of microscale properties and geometry
    • Uncertainty quantification at different scales
    • Stochastic homogenisation
  • Optimisation of
    • The manufacturing process
    • The geometries at two scales (metamaterial and structural geometries)
  • To this end, current multiscale Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) methodologies have to be surpassed: the recent emergence of data-driven approaches in computational mechanics offers a change of paradigm, which could make ICME approaches realistic for process and 2-scale stochastic optimisation to be conducted through the use of surrogate models